Welcome to my website

There are many reasons people seek a therapist. Sometimes people know what they want or what they need to change. Other times people aren't sure.  They need support to identify the parts of their lives that aren't working and help to move through the changes that they must make. Some people just feel bad and don’t want to continue dealing with it alone.

Finding the right therapist

I have found that successful outcomes in therapy have much to do with the match between client and therapist.  Many things influence this match. I’ve created this site for people who want to learn more about me, my thoughts about therapy, and my practice.  

If talking with me would help you decide if I am the right therapist for the work you are looking to do, I hope you will call.

"I have always known  
That at last I would  
Take this road, but yesterday  
I did not know that it would be today.

— Narihira