About me

I believe in healing.  I believe real change and healing come through acceptance of one’s authentic self, finding the support to bear the truth, grieving what must be grieved in all its forms, and then letting go and moving on to a healthier today.  The process of therapy when it goes best is collaborative; we are in this together.

I work well with people in crisis or transition, people who find themselves in pain or distress at that place in their lives where they know that something has to change.  I work to help people manage their lives better, which means learning to live in the moment, learning to be one’s best self with compassion for how hard that is, learning to make constructive choices, and finding the necessary support to stop destructive choices and change.

I’ve been working as a psychologist and psychotherapist for more than thirty years, and I’ve learned some things about myself.  

  • I am an active therapist. I talk with people about what I know or think after listening to understand them.  
  • I am direct and outspoken. I believe I can say hard things to anyone when I find a way to say them with kindness and respect.  
  • I don’t lie to my clients and I don’t keep secrets from them.  
  • I respect confidentiality and I won’t talk to others without my client’s permission.  
  • I will do my best to do what I say I will do.  
  • I rarely tell people what to do; I understand that this is your life.  I may guess what I would want to do if I were in your situation, but I’ll never know for sure.  
  • I am here to be of help and support to you; I will tell you about myself and my life if I believe that will help the work go well, but we are here for you.